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Text Box: Volume 1 Issue 4   *  *   Jan/Feb, 2004Text Box: VFW Newsletter


Come Visit our BINGO Hall and GAMING Room


Smoke-Free Bingo For 2004


Two VFW Scholastic Projects

Many changes in public policy have taken place since the Surgeon General of the United States first made us aware of the many real dangers associated  with secondhand smoke. The problem was brought to our attention by many of our older life members who enjoyed Bingo  in the past but whose present health cannot tolerate the  heavy smoke concentrations that are partially caused by the low ceiling of our Bingo Hall, particularly in the winter time when the ventilators must be used to heat the hall.

In anticipation of the many Federal and State regulations that are being introduced to protect the public, VFW Post 1793 has decided to make Friday Night Bingo Smoke-Free after the first of the year. Our intention is to help protect the health of our members and their outside guests and  the health of the many children who regularly attend our Bingo sessions,

Of course we know that  in order to implement this new strategy successfully we will need the help and cooperation of our many faithful Bingo customers, both smoking and non-smoking, who have helped make “Friday Night Bingo at the VFW” a Raton tradition over the years. By playing at the VFW you lend your support to the many civic and scholastic programs (see below) that are sponsored by our local post.

Lets give this new policy a try. Together we can make it work. We look forward to any suggestions with respect to setting up regular smoking breaks and we sincerely hope to see you all at the VFW Bingo this next Friday.

Remember! If you don’t play, you can’t win.

For years our local VFW Post 1793 and the Ladies Auxiliary have sponsored two patriotic scholarship competitions for Public, Private,

Parochial and Home Study students in the Raton and Maxwell areas.


The “Patriot’s Pen Contest” where students in the 7th and 8th grades are asked to express their thoughts,  in 400 words or less,  on the patriotic theme “My Dream for America”


The “Voice of Democracy Scholarship Competition” where High School students are invited to make  audio essay presentations on the patriotic theme for this year entitled “My Commitment to America’s Future”. Winners are eligible to compete nationally for a trip to Washington D.C. and a $25,000 scholarship


For further information  such as entry times and dates for submission  please contact Jim Bertrand,  our present scholarship contest chairman  at 505 445 4821

Thanks for Helping


Believe it or not:

Flag flying is fun.

It’s fun to unfold them and fly them and it’s fun to fold them up again in a spirit of camaraderie each time we have another flag installation.  Show up at the next flying and see for yourselves.

Come Join Us!


Members Keep Getting Younger Every Day


When Toby Salas Jr., our youngest member, came in to pay us a short visit during his recent leave, he brought  along another prospective member and introduced him around.

Hot Dogs, Chips, Salsa on Sunday February 1

Alfonso and Hazel Waiting for the SuperBowl


Twenty Five food baskets with candies and toys were delivered to the community by the VFW Members over the month of December.