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Got anything to say to the membership or for the good of the Post.  Just write it down and contact any of the officers.  Please! No four letter words

Text Box: Volume 1 Issue 2   *  *   Aug/Sept, 2003Text Box: VFW PICNICText Box: VFW NewsletterText Box: New Roof Project Survives First Test Nicely


Come Visit our






Commander Bill Quinn invites all of you to set aside this one Saturday for our annual get-together of VFW buddies over at the Soda Pocket campsite. Everybody who’s anybody and their neighbors are going to be there. There’ll be lots of refreshments and food and good music from 1 pm until 6 pm. Easy-to-get-to with plenty of parking and even a covered Shelter if one of those pesky

 rainclouds pays us a visit.


Let’s all have a good time together!

Don’t lose your head  by offering alcoholic beverages to the bears, especially to the bear cubs who are grossly under the legal drinking age


Emilia, our trusty bartender, reminds us that life is sweet and everybody should have a good time and always leave the bartender a good tip.

It was pouring outside in one of those unexpected Raton afternoon showers, but inside, it was dry. Looks like our new roof is doing the job. The old days of soggy Bingo Cards might be over.



Boy Oh Boy.  Here come all those delicious guys with their tasty left over snacks


Sunday Afternoons and holidays

Notes from the Quartermaster

Reminder: On Dec 31st 2003 memberships expire and 2004 dues become due and payable. Members are encouraged to see Frank about applying for FREE VFW Accidental Life & Dismemberment Insurance that comes free with membership. We invite you all to come to our monthly Post meetings on the second Thursday of every month to see the many worthwhile projects the post takes on for the good of the community. We need volunteers on all levels, be it as bartenders or cleaner-uppers or helping out at Bingo. Have you ever had a secret desire to be a Bingo Manager or a Bingo caller? Well, this your lucky day. Come in and talk to Frank Rivali or Bill Quinn for details.

Text Box: Gaming Report 2002-03

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